My relationship with Buddy Smith began about 22 years ago. It started when my uncle came to visit from California and the air conditioner his 1994 Cadillac stopped working. First, we took it to the recommended local authorized Cadillac dealership for an estimate. They quoted a price of $650 to replace a “computer module.” I called one of my co-workers, Proctor Hawkins for his opinion – he recommended that I run it by Buddy for a second opinion. Buddy was able to determine that one of the clutches in the air conditioning compressor was slipping. He adjusted the clutch and the problem was fixed! The total cost of diagnostics and adjustment was less than $70. Not sure what to think about the Cadillac dealer, but since then I have used Buddy and now his sons for everything from oil-changes in my cars and even major repairs such as a transmission in my old pickup truck. Never have I had to bring a vehicle back to fix the same problem – they get it right the first time.
David Berndt, April 01 2018